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About the book "Game Over"

(The definitive book about)
(Jehovah´s Witnesses)

1) Many books and newspaper headlines have dealt with this issue for decades, but with NO result ! NUMEROUS articles about the usual "JW-standard issues" such like the: "NO Blood transfusions", "Brainwash", "Expulsions" - issues etc., have been printed frequently in every newspaper - every year - throughout the world. But such articles will NOT change the World !
"Game Over" approach the case from a NEW perspective (including bible-prophecy and Legal-researches etc.).


Astonishing bible prophecy indicates that 'Judge Rutherford' is identic to the 'Bearded Darnel' (Mat. 13) and the secret "Man of Lawlessness" (2. Thess. 2).
See Game Over chap. 6.

The book explains Rutherfords legal frauds (after the death of C.T. Russel in 1916). Read about: "THE COUP IN THE WATCHTOWER", "INVALID DISMISSAL OF DIRECTORS", "SHARE-HOLDERS FRAUD" - and many other criminal activities. "Game Over" also contains an APPENDIX 1 with an impressive legal scrutiny of the WT corps. (more than 23 corporate violations are here documented) Several corporate filing inconsistencies, at the NY/PA Dept. of States, unveils secret WT agenda. APPENDIX 2 includes photo-copies of ALL corporate WT filings, at the PA/NY Dept. of States (from 1884-1994) and several important letters from the various departments (including the "Office of the Attorney General")

2) The FIRST english edition of the book was published by London publisher MINERVA PRESS
( Released in London, May 29th., 1998) 380 pages paperback (with appendix 1-2) ISBN 1861061161
(You can order this 1st. edition, at your local book store)

3) The SECOND english edition of the book will be published by WT-Trial Fund-raiser corp. (Release June 1998). (pp 410) This NEW edition includes a NEW APPENDIX 3, which contains the latest of our investigations.
(Read about NEW Appendix 3 - now) The book will be sold on the internet from this web-site.
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4) A "SPANISH TRANSLATION" of the book will be published by us in June 1998.
(pp 410, and also including the NEW APPENDIX 3)
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5) OTHER TRANSLATIONS will soon be published !
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About the Book
"Game Over"

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