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Press Release
(from the Authors)

Jehovah's Witnesses (Watchtower Bible and Tract Society)

The publication of the book Game Over: The Definitive Book About Jehovah's Witnesses

Game Over tells the story of 'The Coup in the Watchtower', exposing devastating corporate fraud and important violations of the various 'not for profit - state laws'. (The Pennsylvania Not For Profit law, the New York Membership law, and the UK Companies Acts 1908.) (For more details of the contents of the book please see the introduction.)

It is evident that the corporate violation of the Watchtower Society is so overwhelming that actions to revoke the society should soon be initiated by the Office of the Attorney General in both the Pennsylvanian and New York Department of State.
Consequently, the publication of the book Game Over should have tremendous impact on the Watchtower Society's future corporate structure. Sooner or later the rank and file members of the society of Jehovah's Witnesses will also become aware of the magnitude of this coup theory, and many will obviously acknowledge that they have been framed with malicious guidance originated by the same person who initiated the coup in 1916, namely 'Judge' Rutherford (the second president of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society). Evidently the publication of this hitherto untold story will cause turmoil inside the organisation, a match for which has not been seen in any religious organizations this century.

This press release:5 pages
Copy of the introduction to the book Game Over:2 pages
Appendix 1: extracts from the legal documents:           32 pages
Drawings/charts:3 pages

Cover up and Preparations for the Winding up of the Watchtower Corporations
Since the turmoil in 1916, the Watchtower Society have tried to cover up any traces of the coup. And they have indeed been able to confuse the authorities (the US Government and the various State Departments in PA and NY) for more than eighty years.
However, they have recently realised that their fraudulent corporate conduct has now, after some eighty years under shelter, finally been traced and unveiled by the authors of this book, as they spotted our research some years ago.
That is why they filed, in September and November 1994, a Dissolution Amendment at both the NY and PA Departments of State. This amendment was an effort to anticipate the winding up of their corporations so that they can secure their assets before any attorney general (or any local county court or court of common please) takes action to revoke the articles of the said corporations and dissolve their assets.
The authors of the book Game Over welcome any kind of action which seeks the dissolution of the various watchtower corporations, though we certainly will not accept that the Watchtower Society shall be allowed to transfer their assets to some new corporations, which they may decide to incorporate in the event of any kind of dissolution of their present corporate structure.
We believe that all assets of the Watchtower Society will be transferred to the shareholders of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania, which shares were illegally dissolved by Rutherford and the Watchtower Organisation in the period 1916-1945. To ensure that this will happen properly, the Authors will soon serve a writ on the Watchtower Society at the local county courts in both Pennsylvania and New York State.

Fund-Raiser for the Watchtower Trial
The Authors wish to donate the outcome of the book sales to finance this coming lawsuit against the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. However, we are aware that such a lawsuit will probably cost us far more than the outcome of this book will be able to pay for. That is why we now initiate the Watchtower Trial Fund-Raiser. (Everyone is welcome to donate money for this very purpose.)
We are aware that the Watchtower Society will sign the best defence attorneys money can buy, so in order to match their defence team we must be prepared to raise an estimated amount of at least one million US dollars in order to finance proper legal support. We encourage everyone who has been influenced by the Watchtower Organisation to make themselves acquainted with the contents of our coup theory and also acknowledge the magnitude of their corporate violations and then come to the conclusion that it will be right to make donations for this purpose.
Any donation of GB 3 or US $5 or more will be welcomed (all donations will be handled as confidentially as possible).
The Watchtower Trial Fund-Raiser will soon be incorporated in the State of New York as a non-profit making organisation. For further information about the fund-raiser (and how to donate monies) please write to:

Watchtower Trial Fund-Raiser Corp., Inc. 1998 New York State
7 Market Square #1010
PA 15222

All donations will be used for the above-mentioned purpose only, and will not be transferred to any kind of new religious organisation. If there should remain any amount in the account of the fund-raiser from trial donations then these will be given away for charity purposes.

Concerning the Identity of the Authors
The Authors of the book Game Over have decided to publish the book using a pseudonym for a number of reasons.
The Authors are not a part of a new religious organisation, nor do we want to become a part of any such manmade or worldly institution.
The Authors do not support the Watchtower perception of a visible organisation of God here on earth.
The Authors' faith rests in Christianity, and we believe in the Father and his son and the Holy Spirit as being the powerful source of God.
We are convinced that the spiritual force of the Holy Spirit is so powerful that there is indeed no need for any such visible organisation here on earth.

The Holy Spirit knows its disciples and the disciples know the Spirit!

Communication with the Authors
Any correspondence with the Authors can be done in writing and should be addressed to:

Authors of Game Over
7 Market Square #1010
PA 15222

(Please allow some time for our response.)

Internet Homepage: www.wt-trial.com
From June, 1998, we will have a website on the Net. You can visit us at the above address.

Our Search for a Translator
The Authors are at this moment preparing to make various translations of the book (we have already signed with a Spanish translator) but we would also welcome your translation (in any other language)- so please let us know, in case you are able to translate the book properly! Write a few words about yourself! (In case of a translation agreement we will pay you a moderate fee.)


The Authors

(copies from "Game over" Page 9-10.)

The main reason for writing this book is to unveil the corporate affairs of the world-wide organisation known as the Watchtower Society.
Game over explains the hitherto untold story of the modern history of the society, from the founder of the Bible Students (Charles Taze Russell) to the proclaimer of the New World Society and originator of the name Jehovah's Witnessess ('Judge' Rutherford).
Game over gives evidence that a coup took place inside the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society shortly after the death of the first president, C.T. Russel in 1916.
A close scrutiny of the legal documents of the various Watchtower Corporations, compared with the historical facts of the society in this period, and seen in the light of the Rutherford time prophecies shows conformity to this untold coup theory.
Game over unmasks the coup strategy of the second president('Judge' Rutherford) as it explains the true identity of the two important pseudo corporations:

1) People's Pulpit Association (incorporated in New York in 1909).
2) International Bible Student Association (incorporated in England in 1914).

A legal analysis of the corporate record of the three major Watchtower Corporations gives evidence of an overwhelming amount of corporate violations, such as: shareholders fraud, invalid dismissal of directors, name fraud etc. many of which are direct violations of the not for profit state laws. (Please see the Game over Appendix 1: Legal Documentary).
The modern history of the society, at the time of the coup and certainly after the coup, shows how Judge Rutherford turned the society from a relatively Free Related Bible Study Congregation into the totalitarian organisation which we see today.
Game over explains the close connection between the corporate coup manoeuvres in the years 1907-1955, and the changed teachings of the society which occured in this period, especially after the death of C.T. Russell.
You will discover that the prothetic/religious interpretations made by Rutherford, many of which still haunt the society of today, originated from his old coup visions. When you analyse his manipulated expoundings on the Book of Revelation (Ezekiel, Daniel etc.) you will realise that his time prophecies concerning the years 1914-1918, 1918-1919, 1919-1922 etc. are literally interpreted to be fulfilled in the events that occured inside the organisation, which events all happened due to these corporate manoeuvres! The idea of the New Nation Born in 1919 and the Foundation of the New World Society in 1919 is the cardinal point of all the basic teachings of Jehova's Witnesses.
If the year 1919 does not stand, then the whole Watchtower framework falls apart (and all the doctrines of the society have no legitimation/foundation any more).

(The Authors).

There is no such thing as "God's
visible organisation". Remember
Rahab, the harlot ... she was no member
of any organisation... but she made it!'
('Ohh,yes - she made it...')

(Hebrews 11:31 and James 2:25)

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