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"Watchtower Trial Fund-raiser Corporation
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"Watchtower Trial Fund-raiser corporation"
The authors of Game Over
(New Watchmen in the Tower)

The authors of Game Over have decided to incorporate a not for profit corporation in NY State, in order to promote awareness about the present world situation.
First, we will expose the Watchtower Society to the scrutiny of the world.
Next, we will proceed with other antichrist-organizations.

We will not form (or engage in) a NEW religious organization, because we do not believe in such man-made institutions. We believe in the Holy spirit of God ! (The SON and the FATHER - using the Holy spirit as the Powerful working source)

If you want to express yourself, then just speak out, write a book, or create a web-site. We can also recommend the incorporation of a not for profit corporation. (it is not that expensive).

DONATIONS for the "WT-Trial" (against the WT-corps):

We have found overwhelming LEGAL evidence against the various WT corps. More than enough evidence to go to Court ! The fund-raiser corp. have already contacted ATTORNEYS in both NY and PA, in order to prepare such law suits. The trial-donations shall pay their fees only (NOT our fees !)
(Make your TRlAL DONATIONS now !)

If you have any comments to us (or anything else you want to say) then feel free to send us an E-mail.

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"Watchtower Trial Fund-raiser corp. Inc. 1998, NY State".

Mailing address:
7 Market Square #1010, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, U.S.A.

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About the Book
"Game Over"

E-mail : email@unmask.dk

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