"If you believe,............they put a Man on the Moon !? "

Most of the people, who have watched my video, or read my books - have been chocked about the contents of the stories, which I tell them.
With respect to NASA´s faking of the entire "Apollo-project" - many persons have agreed to the quality of the evidence I have brought to their knowledge.
But some of them - however - ask me how it can really be possible, that NASA have faked all the Apollo moonlandings,.....!? . Obvioulsy they did not fail to see the overwhelming evidence against NASA , ... but still !? ,......They just can not believe, it was all faked !
Some say , that a faking of the entire "Apollo-projekt" would have demanded so many resources - and so much secrecy, that they can not imagine it - being done !? To those persons , I can only say : "Have you ever considered the amount of resources, that is demanded , to lift a space rocket of the size of Saturn V (weighing 2900 tons) away from the earths gravity, and softland safely on the Moon - and later return the Apollo-crew alive again, out in the Pacific Ocean !? No ! - most people have never asked themselves such a question. What we really believe in - when it comes to NASA and the Apollo Moonlandings - is in fact the matrix of "Make Believe" ! (and "make believe" ONLY ! )
Even many intelligent scientists, have never made their personal scientific calculation , on the scope of the physical resources involved in a factual rocket spaceflight.
But I have made these calculations ! And I can tell you, that the resources involved in a real rocket-flight - up to the Moon - would be some 10000 times bigger, than the resources used by the NASA-freemasons , when they initiated, and put in effect the faking of the entire Apollo-projekt (from 1958-1961-1969-1972).
Some persons then say: But if it was really faked, then it would have been almost impossible to "cover up" - such a gigantic NASA fraud - wouldn´t it !?
Yes, you are so right - and it has in fact also been unmasked several times during the past history.
In 1919, when Robert H. Goddard claimed, that a "jet-rocket-engine" would operate also in the "Outer Space" (vacuum) - some New York scientists actually did tell him, that it would in fact not work very well out in the "empty space".
All this was debated for more than 50 years in an almost forgotten polemic scientific- debate once called "Die Schlact der Vielen Formeln".
By the means of good old masonic lobbyism - BIS/NACA/NASA etc. - along with the "Royal Society", unfortunately won this rocket debate. Not from a scientific point of view, but from a political point of view. And it was mostly a political decission when the society decided to print the Tsiolkovsky-rocket-equation in all modern students physics-text-books). But even the German NASA scientist, Hermann Oberth, reports in his book, that some "Thermodynamics experts" came to him, as late as in the 1960´s - still claiming that he and NASA were totally wrong about their thermodynamics in vacuum.
And also after the first Apollo Moonrockets in 1969-70 , many americans felt that, what they saw was not real. There was something unreal about the whole thing , some said.
Even the famous author Normann Mailer considered in his book "Of a Fire on the Moon" (1970) - that it may all have been a gigantic fraud.
And still today "REM" sings about the "conspiracy-theory" of a faked moonlanding !?
So the truth is, that the time has come (Its inevitable) - that NASA sooner or later must be confronted with the record of their faked Apollo-space-program.

Indeed the american people should take this case all the way to the Supreme Court !

And ask: What really happened to the 25 billion US $ - payed by the US taxpayers ?

Within a very few years from now, most people would have to face the fact, and truly admit, that it was just:

" One small step for a Man ,.......
but a GIANT DECEIT for all Mankind ! "

PS: I have more than 300 evidences, which proves that NASA never landed a man on the moon, and that Neil Armstrong never sat his foot on the Moon surface.
My evidence will be presented in my books and on VHS.

With love from:
Henrik Melvang
March 15, 2001.
Vejen, Denmark.