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NYHED: Videodoc. vedr. Sept.11:
4 hours video doc. VHS (Pal) by Henrik Melvang. (DANSK TALE) (Ikke Tekstet)
This videodocumentary gives full evidence that there were BOMBS PLACED INSIDE both the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Watch our 4 hours of clear bomb evidence. More than 10 eyewitnes reports. More than 5 factual bombs are shown (video clips). Evidence of "Org. Bomb Sound Censorship" by the Newsmedias. Mysterious LAZER beam is shown on WTC Facade before impact of Plane. (Were the airplanes Radiocontrolled???) The so called "Pentagon Plane" ("Flight 77") is a pure fiction. Listen to the eyewitnessreport by the Danish Foreign Minister Mr. Per Stig Møller, who saw SMOKE comming up from Pentagon at 9:32 local time. (This fits perfectly with numerous of other eyewitnesses who reported a bomb being detonated at 9:30. But it does not fit with FBI´s official theory about "Flight 77" crashing down at 9:43 - does it !?) This and much more ! Order the 4 hours of shocking proof.
        Dkr 199,- / US$ 30,-

Videodokumentar: VHS nr. 1 "Afsløring APOLLO" (del 1)
The unmasking of NASA´s "Apollo Project". (Attention: Danish version , 4 Hours VHS, PAL).
        Dkr 199,- / US$ 30,-

Magazine nr. 1 "Unmask NEWS" (Vol 1)
(Danish & International version circa 50 pages)
        Dkr 29,95 / US$ 10.-

Book no. 1:
"John Doe 3:16 - på kanten af Lunas rand" (En dokumentarisk roman af Henrik Melvang)
Bind 1 : 185 sider på dansk (BEMÆRK A4 format) (OBS: Dette bind er kun første del ud af tre bind)
(Only available in danish no foreign translation yet).

Book no. 2:
"Game Over - the definitive book about Jehovahs Witnesses". A documentary about the "Watchtower Society". 376 pages (All in english text)
        Dkr 199,- / US$ 30,-

Book no. 3:
"Game Over" (The spanish translation) 376 pages. Only a "photo-copied" version (with text in spanish).
        US $ 50,-

Book no. 4:
"From Dark Age to Cyberspace" 290 pages.
The ultimate book about the world history - seen from the eyes of a person, who spotted the evil matrix of the ancient conspiracy, and its links to modern times.
(Only available in english)
        DKr.299,- / US$ 50,-

Book no. 5:
"Houston - You got a problem ! " - 269 hard evidences which proves , that NASA faked all the Apollo Moonlandings in 1969-1972, and that Neil Armstrong never sat his foot on the Lunar surface.
(640 pages) (only in english)
(This is the book which explains the physics behind a spacerocket. Unmasking the many errors in modern rocket science).
        DKr. 399,- / US$ 50,-

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