Unmasking the faked "Flight DATA" of Apollo 13 :

Did "Apollo 13" really take ONLY one "swing by trip" - around the moon - before it returned to earth ?

Listen to the crucial statement from NASA´s own Astro-experts (click for audio)

The voice you have just listened to, was taken from the "1994 - Emmy-nominated" TV documentary : "APOLLO 13 - To the edge and back" . (Produced by WGBH Education Foundation in 1994).

The statement about "13 loops around the moon" - clearly contradicts NASA´s official and faked theory about: Only one "Swing By manouvre".

Those persons who "scripted" the faked traverse of the Apollo 13 mission in April 1970 - evidently FORGOT "Keplers 3rd law". That is why they got in trouble on April 14th. 1970, when their own experts (FIDO´s) told them, that "one swing by loop" - was in fact impossible.

Call up NASA today, and ask them if they could send you a copy of their "Keplerian calculations" - showing how "Apollo 13" (with a defect CSM engine) could brake and make just one swing by around the moon !?

Such "Keplerian calculations" does NOT exist ! (if they do - they are false)

If "one swing by " - was really possible - then the persons who calculated it - should have won the "NOBEL PRIZE" - since that would have been the most revolutionary calculation on new planetary motion - since Kepler, Huygens and Newton !

(More about this on VHS).